This is going to be the first time I write about an ex so..

I’m not entirely sure if you’ve all had this feeling, when you listen to a song or watch a video, specially if it’s live, and you feel your insides get excited and you feel like you’re watching whoever the band or singer is perform live, as if you’re in their concert. There’s this intense feeling vibrating through your body and consuming you and you get a tad bit delirious.

Listening to Panic!’s Memories & Sarah Smiles (Lucky ex girlfriend of Brendon, really. I’d love for him to write a song for me) gives me this sort of heart-thumping feeling. And it led to me thinking of the time I was watching videos of McFLY’s Greatest Hits Tour and it gave me this same feeling, a bit more intense though. I felt every energy, every song, every jump.

This then, led me to think about an argument I had that night with my now ex. It was a terribly petty argument that got me thinking about things and that has now affected the way I view things. I think, if I’m not mistaken, that he was jealous about the attention I was giving to the McFLY boys and that it was ‘too much’ already. And then he brought up the fact that when guys talk about Megan Fox, girls get jealous. Here’s my argument:

When I like my bands and male singers, I don’t drool over their body. I actually admire the songs and talent of McFLY. I love their energy and their bond. From that, that’s when I started to notice their looks and started to have a crush on them. Megan Fox, on the other hand, gets guys to drool over her because of her body. Guys can NOT argue that they love her because of her talent, because they do not see that in her. They see her body only. So it’s not fair on our part. On MY part. I actually admire TALENT, not just looks.

I was just really disappointed that time. I mean, were we seriously going to argue about my not-so-obsession on a boy band that I probably will not meet? It was extremely odd in a different extent. I don’t want to have a boyfriend who will diss any of the bands that I like, because I am not all about looks. After explaining my side, he just said okay. And I got even more pissed which brings me to my next post..

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